Senior Machine Learning Scientist- Bangalore (3 to 5 years of experience)

1200k to 1800k 3.0 years Bengaluru

Caffe , Computer Vision , Keras , Nlp , Predictive Modeling , Python , Tensor Flow , Theano


Job Description and Responsibilities

About the company:

We build machines that can style people, end to end, just like a personal stylist you can hire. Our vision is to provide every single individual benefit & pleasure of having a personal stylist. Not everyone is celebrity - does not mean they would not desire for it.

It is indeed a hard problem & what it takes to solve is proprietary tech including advanced machine learning.

Job description:

You will play with AI and build machines that can style people, alongside a passionate team having collective work-ex of 40 years.

You will work on building a smart vision system that can make styling theory based inferences over images out of thin air. Other streams which you can observe and participate in longer term are recommendation engine and nlp style bot.

What you can expect from us:
1. You'll have a voice, opinions aren’t just welcome, they're expected
2. You'll work with an experienced mentor in data science
3. You'll work on big problems which have real world applications
4. The problem solving will need you to know,
- Computer Vision
- Tensorflow, Caffe, Theano, Keras (one of these)
- Predictive modelling
- Python
- Algorithms & data structures

What we expect from you:
1. Deeply care about the problem we are solving
2. Critical thinking
3. Enjoy user research driven iterative model of development
4. Learn new skills on the go

College Preference

Does Not Matter

Minimum Qualification

Under Graduate


1200k to 1800k

Skills hiring for

Caffe , Computer Vision , Keras , Nlp , Predictive Modeling , Python , Tensor Flow , Theano

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