Data Scientist - Chennai (3 - 5 years of Experience)

1200k to 1500k 3.0 years Chennai

Algorithms , Analytics , Data Extraction , Data Manipulation , Data Science , Machine Learning , Predictive Model , Python , R , Structured Thinking , Visualization


Job Description and Responsibilities

The ideal candidate would

  • 3-5 years of professional experience handling and processing large datasets and feature engineering

  • Possess excellent knowledge of at least one scripting language such as Python/R for rapid prototyping, data extraction & manipulation and predictive modelling
  •  Ability to scrape data from various sources including webpages and formposts

  • Possess quantitative analysis skills & solid understanding of core statistical concepts including machine learning algorithms

  • Have working knowledge of interactive web apps like Shiny/Ipython/Bokeh will be preferred

  • Have strong structured and unstructured data analysis and problem-solving skills

  • Actuaries/FRM/CFA/CQF/PRM certification would be a plus

  • Excellent writing, oral communication and presentation skills 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement new (maintain and use existing) statistical/machine learning models to identify performance and risk drivers on balance sheet and investment portfolio.
  • Manage large loan level and borrower level data used for training and learning models 
  • Document the algorithms, methodology and findings in report and present the analysis to the internal and external stakeholders/platforms (model notes, white papers, working papers etc.)
  • Build predictive and optimization solutions for various functions across organization
  • Develop insights into customer/client behavior and engagement from the data
  • Ability to search, extract, transform and load data from various databases, cleanse and refine data until it is fit-for-purpose
  • Build up strategies and algorithms to deepen customer engagement and product relationship
  • Develop interactive dashboards with differential access for different business functions using data visualization techniques
  • Keep pace with latest developments in field of analytics & modelling globally and implement appropriate techniques to improve or redesign existing models/algorithms

To get to know you better, we will

  • Like to speak with you for both of us to gauge compatibility

  • Ask you to attempt few case studies pertaining to statistical nous, technical ability and present your assessment to the team

  • Call you over to our office in Chennai/Mumbai to meet with the team

We assure you

  • An opportunity to play a formative role in an ambitious financial services marketplace spanning investment banking, debt capital markets, institutional finance, retail lending and asset management
  • Constant learning opportunities and various problem statements to attempt
  • A journey that will challenge and reward you in a manner few others will

Minimum Qualification

  • Graduate/Post Graduate from Tier I college
  • Background in Statistics/Econometrics will be preferred

College Preference

Tier 1 : Entire Education

Minimum Qualification

Under Graduate


1200k to 1500k

Skills hiring for

Algorithms , Analytics , Data Extraction , Data Manipulation , Data Science , Machine Learning , Predictive Model , Python , R , Structured Thinking , Visualization

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