Data Scientist- Gurgaon, India (2-7 Years Of Experience)

3 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs 2.0 years Gurugram

C++ , Decision Trees , Hadoop , Logistic Regression , Machine Learning , Mongodb , Neural Network , Nosql , Python , Spark , Statistical Modeling , Supervised Learning , Unsupervised Learning


Job Description and Responsibilities


If you want to forecast India’s eCommerce demand within 3% margin, build consumer models and scores for 50 million online shoppers, or decide the location of eCommerce fulfilment center based on future growth, our data team is the place to be. We are country’s premium data science team featured widely in press and news.

  • Contribute to the development/ deployment of machine learning, algorithms, operational research, semantic analysis, and statistical methods for finding structure in large data sets
  • Use advanced statistics and machine learning on large scale multidimensional data and generate actionable insights that will be leveraged to drive operations and develop strategies for company.
  • Breakdown business problems by working closely with Product Team and Leadership Management Team, analyze requirements and look into data to recommend products and solutions
  • Optimize company's operations by implementing data science in solving complex business problems. Run on field experiments and POCs to validate the solution.
  • Work closely with PM Team to understand and analyse requirements.
  • Identify algorithms and machine learning techniques that should be applied to derive solution for identified business problems.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams including but not limited to Logistics, BD, Sales, Marketing, Security, Customer Service, etc.
  • PhD/M.Tech/M.S in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics or Natural Sciences from Tier-1 educational institutes, in India and abroad. Publication in peer-reviewed journals a plus
  • 1-3 years of work experience in data science and statistical modeling for DS, 3+ for SDS
  • Machine Learning Techniques: Supervised/ Unsupervised/Semi-supervised Learning etc.
  • Machine learning paradigms: Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines. Neural Networks, Ensemble Methods, Bayesian Approach, Logistic Regression, Random Forests
  • Experience with Big Data tools Spark, Hadoop.
  • Strong programming skills in C++, Python.
  • Experience with NoSQL / graph databases: Neo4J, MongoDB and Google BigQuery
  • Most importantly, an inquisitive mind, an ability for self learning and a risk appetite for experimentation and failure

College Preference

Tier 1: Any Degree

Minimum Qualification

Post Graduate


3 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs

Skills hiring for

C++ , Decision Trees , Hadoop , Logistic Regression , Machine Learning , Mongodb , Neural Network , Nosql , Python , Spark , Statistical Modeling , Supervised Learning , Unsupervised Learning

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