Consultant / Sr.Consultant / Manager - Gurugram ( 2 - 5 years of Experience)

0k 2.0 years Gurugram

Algorithms , Decision Trees , Gradient Boosting , Insurance , Machine Learning , Modeling , Python , R , Random Forest


Job Description and Responsibilities

Machine Learning Skill Requirements:

Design solution: Incumbent should be able to understand the business problem and be able to give inputs to design solutions. This involves data requirements, modelling strategies, and implementation capability. The incumbent should be able to understand different evaluation matrices and their applicability.

Communication / Generating useful conversation: Incumbent should be able to communicate requirements and model output to stakeholders. Incumbent should be good at verbal, and written communication and must have excellent presentation skills.

Algorithms: Incumbent should be familiar with different machine learning algorithms, on the following areas:

  • Data Summary or Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Modelling: Generalised Liner Models, Random Forest, Decision Tree, Gradient Boosting, etc.
  • Validation: Random, Cross Fold, Out of sample
  • Dealing with large data: Process large data in chunks, or down sampling
  • Sampling: Stratified or random Sampling
  • Reporting and Documentation using markdown / notebook.

Insurance Data: Incumbent is preferred to have exposure to insurance data, and be aware of the data structures

Implementation: Preferred to have experience on implementation of Machine Learning Model in live or production environment.

Extract Data: Incumbent should be able to extract data from public domain and use it wherever applicable.

Geographical Modelling: Preferred to have experience in Geographical modelling and knowledge to handle spatial objects and shape files.

Software / Tool: R (preferable) or Python

Relevant Experience: 2 to 5 years

Machine Learning Job Description:

Incumbent needs to communicate with stakeholders and understand the business need. Based on data availability, support project lead to come up with recommended solution architecture. During the modelling process he/she should be able to apply different machine learning techniques to improve model performance and efficiency. Candidate must communicate the results / findings to stakeholders, and produce adequate graphs and reports during the meetings. Candidate is expected to be a good team player and manage multiple project at the same time.

College Preference

Does Not Matter

Minimum Qualification

Under Graduate



Skills hiring for

Algorithms , Decision Trees , Gradient Boosting , Insurance , Machine Learning , Modeling , Python , R , Random Forest

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